July 26: The Post-Hike Pizza and Drive Home

Exhausted from the sprint out, I was content to change into some dry shorts (figuring the heat of the van would take care of drying the rest) while Ward went to the outhouse to undergo a complete wardrobe change. Once situated in the van, Reed took us back to Pinedale, careening at breakneck speed down Skyline Drive.

I had asked two different wranglers leading pack strings where we could find the best pizza in Pinedale and both said "Wind River Pizzeria". It seemed like a no-brainer so that's where we wound up after making a quick stop at the Pinedale Visitor Center to get directions and information as to where we could get a shower.

Post-hike meal at the Wind River Pizzeria.

We were able to find the tiny pizzeria and one of two tables in the entire joint. The other table was occupied by a threesome Reed had met at the trailhead. We ordered a round of Dr. Pepper's and an 18" supreme pie which turned out to be almost as spectacular as the scenery we had seen for the past week. So good was the pizza, that the cashier/pizzamaker was proposed to by both Reed and myself. i would have married her just for letting me change out of my wet clothes and wash up in the employees bathroom.

After finishing up our dinner and another can of Dr. Pepper we started the long drive back home. It was still raining in Pinedale and the temp was a balmy 58---totally opposite weather we had experienced a week before.

The drive home was nearly as easy as the drive out with the exception of the rain rolling in over the high desert. Wyoming is in the midst of a severe drought and certainly needed the rain but this bordered on too much of a good thing.

Dark, angry clouds surrounded us as we made our way back to Rock Springs and I-80. The lightning put on a great show, even evoking a few "wows" from Reed, our driver. We even managed to sympathize with a few motorcyclists who were in for a rough time ahead.

Everyone in southwestern Wyoming owes us a huge "thank you" for bringing them some much-needed rain.

The driving schedule was pretty much the same as it was on the way out: I again got the graveyard shift after getting very little sleep in the back seat. I couldn't complain though as the 3-6 AM shift was all I'd have to drive.

When the sun came up we were in Iowa and began to look for another killer Sapps breakfast. We didn't find one but settled for a good little truckstop that let us experience the "real" Iowa.

The rest of the drive was uneventful save the extraordinary traffic between Rockford, IL and Madison and we arrived at Ward's house just after 1 PM.

Another great backpacking trip to the Rockies was in the books.

And I can't wait for next year!


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