July 2007 Wind River Planning

titcomb basin

Titcomb Basin.

This trip is in the final planning stages. We're going to to do 7 nights in the Bridger Wilderness. My menu is planned, gear checked over about 4 times already and my dehydrator's job is complete. I'm set to go right now.

Bugs are going to be an issue as well as probable snow/ice crossings at some of the passes. Perfect. This won't be a long mileage trip, rather one where we can take it all in and do a little exploring along the way.


Here is the route/itinerary we hope to complete:
  Location miles (approx) Comments
Entry Point Elkhart Park TH   Easily accessible by paved road, large parking lot
Night 1 Mary's Lake 6.5 Easy day
Night 2 Across Lester Pass 7.5 A little tougher
Night 3 Upper Jean Lake 7.0 Easy day
Night 4 Peak Lake 4.0 Easy day
Night 5 Indian Basin 9.0 via Knapsack Col.
Night 6 Indian Basin 0.0 Summit Fremont Peak / dayhike
Night 7 Island Lake 2.5 Easy day
Exit Point Elkhart Park TH 12.0 All downhill back to TH

Trip Updates
09/25/2006 Sent out e-mails to just about everyone I've corresponded with over the years about backpacking,
09/27/2006 Positive responses from Mike (my 2005 Glacier hiking partner) and Reed (another Glacier fan)
10/09/2006 Got a response off my website from Tom in Rapid City, bringing the list of interested guys to 4.
11/01/2006 Tony from work says he's in.
12/01/2006 Tony comes over and we peruse gear, daydream and watch dvd's from my previous trips.
01/03/2007 Tony from work says he's probably out
01/19/2007 Played around with google earth and topozone.com to work out route proposed by Dave B. from Fort Collins, CO (aka "swimswithtrout" and "onbelaydave" and came up with what should be a good route. This will be it barring any last minute changes.

Reed and Ward from Madison say they're in. Looks like the trip is a go! To quote part of Reed's e-mail...

Holy crap!  You really delivered.  I don’t think there’s much left to say, except bring it on!  I will give you a call tonight, around 7:00 or 8:00.  I have a couple questions, predominantly gear-related, and we can work out whatever details that can be worked out 5 months ahead of time.  What’s the permit process for securing this route and these dates? 
I’m going, you can count on that, short of broken leg bones or getting hit in the head by a meteorite. 


04/06/2007 Tony from work says he's back in and has volunteered his conversion van to transport the group.
06/02/2007 Been firing up the dehydrator the last few weekends and am now ready to get this thing started. 46 days until departure.
06/22/2007 Did a test pack. Things will be tight, but my Vapor Trail will hold all of my gear and food.
07/03/2007 After a horrible experience day hiking in the Uinta's, Tony and his van are out again. It might be better this way but I'm still sorry he backed out. Would have changed his life. Now we have to figure out the transportation again.


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